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Any reference in these conditions to "Guest", "Client", "you" or "your" refers to the person who has made the reservation, and by extension to all party members who eventually stay in the rented property.

Any reference to "us" or "our" in these conditions refers to the Agency Si Belle.

The named Guest undertakes to ensure that all party members treat the rental property with due care and respect. The Guest will refrain from doing anything that might cause a disturbance in the neighbourhood, interfering with postal delivery, and will refrain from carrying out any building works or demolition, making holes in walls or any other change without the express written consent of the owner.

Clients can book properties from the Agency Si Belle through its website. Rental prices are displayed on the villa page of the Agency Si Belle's website, where a price per week is shown according to the start date of the rental.
Once the availability of the accommodation has been confirmed by the Agency, and the 25% deposit has been paid, the Client receives the booking contract showing the deposit paid and the balance still outstanding, and also a payment confirmation email, with a summary of the booking, the villa, the dates of the rental and the total amount.
Once the full balance has been settled, the final contract is sent, as well as contact details for the keyholder, the address of the property and driving directions.
The Client should check that all details of the booking are correct and complete, and advise any errors or omissions to the Agency Si Belle within 7 days of receiving the booking contract. If no such error or omission is advised within the specified period, the Client will not be able to invoke inaccuracy nor inadequacy of the booking contract.
The Client can pay online by credit card at the time of booking, or by bank transfer (the bank details will be sent to you separately by email), by cheque or in traveller's cheques. The reservation is not firm until the deposit payment has been received and it has been confirmed by the Agency Si Belle (until then, the rental period is considered to be provisionally held). Rental of the property can only go ahead once the full balance has been received, at the latest the 15th of the month which precedes the month in which the arrival date falls. Failure to receive monies by this due date will lead to the contract being considered null and void and to the rental period being released back on sale. For so-called 'last-minute' reservations made after the 15th of the month which precedes the month of the arrival date, the full balance of the rental amount is required at the time of booking, by transfer, cheque or card. In the event of monies being owed, all legal and court costs or expenses related to recovering the debt will be charged to the Client, for which a minimum of €100 will apply.

A property inspection may be carried out by the owner or the keyholder on arrival, and on departure with the return of the security deposit. The owner reserves the right to return the security deposit up to two weeks following the Guests' departure.

The Guest must have a household insurance policy in their name which includes public liability cover in respect of fire or water damage to rented properties (relating to temporary stays of less than three months, that is 90 consecutive days).
The Guest must be insured against the risk of theft, fire and water damage, not only as regards the risk to the Guest but also the risk to the rental property and also in respect of any recourse by the neighbours, and evidence of such insurance must be made available to the Agency Si Belle at their request. Consequently, the Agency Si Belle declines any responsibility for any recourse that any insurance company may exert against the Guest in the event of a claim.

Prices shown are per week rented.
It is indicated on the property page what is included and what is not included in the price, such as inherent household costs: water, electricity, gas, pool heating, heating of the house, telephone, maintenance of the garden and the pool, local tourist tax, firewood. Linen is included at most properties, unless otherwise specified on the property page.
The Guest understands that the charges may be different according to the season, and that in winter for example the cost of heating the house is significant and part of the security deposit may be retained in the event of excessive usage. Outside of the summer months, a supplement usually applies for heating. Some villas allow reasonable consumption up to a predefined limit, which if exceeded will be at the Guest's own cost. For all other charges, included or not, the Guest should refer to the website page of the villa they have booked.
Our prices also include our fees and taxes.
Our prices do not include cancellation insurance (optional).

Rental durations start and end on a Saturday. Arrival time: 16:00. Departure time: 10:00.
The Guest accepts that the rental period cannot be extended without agreement from the Agency Si Belle. The Guest will not practise or try to practise any profession at the rental property and accepts that the premises are rented solely as a temporary residence, a fundamental condition without which the rental is not permitted.
The Guest is kindly asked to telephone the designated keyholder (see the arrival information sent for each villa), at the latest on the day of arrival, in order to arrange a time to meet, and should also warn the keyholder of any delay en route. Requests to arrive outside of the designated time, or even on a different day, should be made before the day of arrival whereupon it will be at the discretion of the keyholder to accept this change or not. In the event that a keyholder cannot be available after 20:00, the keyholder will arrange a time to meet the guests the following morning, for which the Guest cannot claim any compensation or refund. It is the Guest's duty to contact the keyholder to advise their expected departure time, in order to arrange an inspection and handover of the property. If the keyholder and the Guest cannot be present at the same time, the Guest can be represented by a duly appointed third party. Failing this, the rented property will be presumed to have been left in the condition that the keyholder finds it. The Guest in this case risks losing the security deposit paid, in part or in full, and in addition is liable for any damages that surpass the amount of the security deposit.

The Guest recognises that the property is rented as a temporary residence, for holidays and vacations only. The premises cannot be used as a principal or even a secondary residence, and the Guest cannot practise any commercial, artisanal or professional activity on the premises. The property cannot in any case be occupied by a larger number of people than the maximum number indicated in the villa description on the website of the Agency Si Belle. The number of people in the party (adults, children, babies) is stated on the booking contract and the rental contract and cannot be modified unless requested to and agreed by the Agency Si Belle.
The Guest undertakes to treat the rented property with respect, as well as its environment by not causing disturbance to the neighbourhood (including sound disturbance), and to enjoy from the property's facilities according to the instructions given by the keyholder.
The Guest agrees to take the rented property in the condition that they find it on arrival, such as described in the description provided on the Agency Si Belle's website. The furniture and furnishings should only be affected by wear and tear resulting from normal usage. Any item which is missing or has been rendered unusable, for any reason other than normal wear and tear, should be paid for or replaced by the Guest. This clause also applies to paintwork, wallpapering, and to the villa generally (internally and externally).
The Guest undertakes to use the furniture and all items within the rental property in the way they were designed to be used and in the places they are found. It is strictly forbidden to move any items off the premises.
The Guest must refrain from placing in basins, baths, bidets, kitchen and laundry sinks, WCs, etc. any objects that could obstruct the drains. Failure to do this will render the Guest liable for any costs incurred in addressing any problems with the plumbing system.
The Guest is not permitted to sublet the rented property, not even free of charge. It is the responsibility of the named Guest to make sure that all party members take good care of the property, and they must not under any circumstances bring any furniture or furnishings, with the exception of linen and small objects.
The Guest must allow to take place any urgent repairs that are necessary to maintain the condition of the rental premises or the equipment within.
The Guest undertakes to leave the property tidy and in a good state of cleanliness on departure. All items in the property must be put back where they were situated on arrival. Kitchen and dining ware must be washed up and put away, and all rubbish must be disposed of, as instructed by the keyholder. The latter reserves the right to inspect the property at the end of the stay. In the event of negligence, any additional cleaning costs can be charged to the Guest. Where cleaning is not included in the rental price, the property must be left in the condition it was found on arrival, otherwise cleaning costs will be charged to the Guest. Similarly, the value of any cracked or broken items will be charged to the Guest, as will costs pertaining to cleaning of any stained rugs, covers, mattresses, bedding etc.
The Guest must take responsibility for any damages or losses caused by any member of the party renting the property, unless they can prove that such damages or losses were caused by a third party unknown to the Guest or by an event outside of their control.

A tourist tax is due from holidaymakers to the commune (local authority) in which the villa is situated, as well as to the departmental authority in some cases, and even to the regional authority. Some communes do not collect tourist tax. The tax is calculated per person per night, a fixed amount which varies according to the rating of the villa, from 1 to 5 stars (generally costing between 1 and 3 euros per night per adult) or, if the villa has not been rated, then it is a percentage of the rental price relevant to the number of occupants. The tourist tax is payable to the Agency, with the balance of the rental. Although, if the owner is a professional rental agent, it is their responsibility to collect the tax from the holidaymakers at the end of the stay and to remit it to the authorities.
The amount and the recipient of the tourist tax due is shown on the villa page on the Agency Si Belle' website, and when it is due to the Agency it is also shown on the booking page.

Houses must be left relatively clean upon departure, and be subject to a normal amount of cleaning during your stay. A final clean is carried out by the owner at every changeover, but if the property is left in an unacceptable state an extra charge can be applied and will be deducted from the security deposit. You will have the chance to note the cleanliness of the property when it is handed over to you on your arrival. Usually the final clean is included in the rental prices, but in certain cases you will be asked for a cleaning charge in addition. Sometimes it may be optional whether you do the cleaning yourself or choose to pay the supplement, in which case it will be specifically stated on the villa page.

Visiting a property beforehand is possible, on a case by case basis subject to the owner's agreement. Before any visit you will be asked to provide written confirmation that, should you go ahead with the rental, it will be exclusively through the Agency Si Belle.

All our villas are visited regularly. Descriptions compiled with the owners have been comprehensively and faithfully condensed on our website. If, despite the great care taken, your property does not correspond fully to the description given, if a described item or facility is absent, whilst the Agency Si Belle cannot be held responsible for an error (whether due to concealment, omission, defect...) originating from the owner concerning the property or its surroundings, or the lack of advertised facilities, such could be cause for financial compensation and therefore an appropriate refund by the owner.
The Agency Si Belle will not be held responsible if changes affecting the property, its surroundings or its availability have not been advised by the owner before the date the booking is made, or between the booking date and the date of arrival.

If the number of people in your party changes from that advised at the time of booking, you must inform us, however your party size cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the villa which is shown on the villa page. Any breach of this, either on arrival or during your stay, could result in you being refused access or being charged an additional amount by the owner. In some cases an extra bed can be added on request.
Any request to bring a tent, caravan or mobile home onto the property must be authorised before confirmation of the booking.

Pets are only welcome on the basis that their presence has been requested and individually accepted prior to booking. It is indicated on the villa page whether pets might be accepted or not; in the majority of cases they are, as long as it is requested at the time of booking and details of the pet are given. If pets have not been expressly accepted in advance, the local agent or the owner may refuse entry. The Guest is responsible for their animal and any damage or accident that it may cause.

All the swimming pools on our website are equipped with appropriate security, which is a legal requirement in France. However please be reminded that, despite the presence of security equipment, children must still be supervised and parents still hold ultimate responsibility. In the same way, adults who cannot swim proficiently must always be supervised by a person who is able to come to their aid.
Villas for rent with swimming pools all have a private pool, for exclusive use of Guests, apart from a small number of exceptions of shared swimming pools which are clearly indicated on our website.
Some pools may be indoor, in which case they are usually heated, during the entire rental period or indeed the entire year; some pools may be covered, either heated or not; and some pools may be outdoor and not covered but heated. The type of pool and heating is stated on the villa page, but it is important to note that pool heating outside of the summer period is subject to weather conditions and the ambient temperature. For rentals outside of the summer months, pool heating is not guaranteed to be available and the Guest must ensure they are aware before booking whether this is likely to affect their chosen dates or not.

The keyholder will ask you for a security deposit, on your arrival. The amount of the deposit is stated on the villa page. The owner or keyholder could refuse entry to the property if you do not hand them this security deposit, either in the form of a bank transfer, a cheque from a Euro bank account, in Euro cash, or cash in another currency if accepted by the owner. It will be refunded to you in full or within a maximum of two weeks, after any deductions relating to extra charges or any damages that have been noted. The Client should provide bank details, namely IBAN and BIC/Swift code, to the owner in order to enable a bank transfer refund. Again, we recommend care is taken to leave the property in good condition. Whilst the Agency Si Belle is not involved in and is in no way responsible for the collection or refund of these deposits, nevertheless should any difficulty occur it will strive to find a mutually agreeable solution between the two parties.

1. Insurance
Any cancellations should be made by registered post. The date correspondence is received will determine the cancellation fees applicable according to the schedule set out below. This schedule does not apply to the many causes of cancellation covered by the insurance (cancellation, water and fire damage, furniture damage) offered via the link on the villa booking page on our agency website. This insurance is optional and the price is accurately calculated according to the cost of the rental.
2. Cancellation Fees
Any amounts already paid or due, both deposit and balance payments, are not refunded in the event of cancellation. If you cancel before the date on which the balance is due, only the deposit is retained without refund. However, if the Agency Si Belle finds another client for the same dates, at any point up to the day before the cancelled period, a refund of the balance amount may be made, but the confirmation deposit will always be retained.

In the exceptional event of the rental property not being available for reasons outside of the control of the Agency Si Belle, for example a case of 'force majeure', fire, flood, or unforeseen circumstances such as the sale of the house, illness of the owner preventing them from being present on arrival, death, divorce, building works affecting the property or its surroundings and affecting the rental to a significant extent, the Agency Si Belle will endeavour to offer the Client an alternative property of equal (or superior) quality, with equal (or greater) capacity. In this event, the Client cannot claim any refund or compensation. If the Client does not accept the alternatives offered by the Agency Si Belle, or if no alternative accommodation of equal quality or capacity is available, the Agency Si Belle is committed to refunding the rental amount to the client. The Client cannot claim any additional compensation.
In 'force majeure' cases affecting the Brittany region, or a part of it, such as an oil spillage or a health crisis or other disaster, whether down to natural causes or human activity, at the discretion of the courts, bookings could be cancelled, and deposits and balance payments already paid by the due date may be held, but in this event the Agency Si Belle will seek the amicable agreement of the owner to refund the Client.

The Agency Si Belle acts as an agent for owners, in the context of managing the rental of their properties. The agency's fees are 26% of the price paid by the Client, including taxes.

If you wish to make a complaint about one or more key aspects of the rental, you must advise us by telephone within 72 hours of your arrival. In order to be taken into consideration, the complaint must be also be put in writing and sent by recorded delivery within two weeks of your departure. Any complaint received after this period of time will not be entertained. A complaint will be immediately forwarded to and discussed with the owner and we will pass on their response to you along with any proposed compensation. If an amicable solution cannot be not reached, any legal action would be within the jurisdiction of the nearest court to the property.
Acting in the name of and on behalf of the owners, the Agency Si Belle accepts no responsibility for shortcomings except in the hypothetical case where it, whether knowingly or in error, may have reproduced inaccurate information in such a way as to substantially change the nature of the property being offered.

A deposit of 25% of the rental amount is required to make a reservation.
The balance is due by the 15th of the month which precedes the month in which the arrival date falls.
If we have not received the balance payment by the aforementioned date, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, notwithstanding that the outstanding sum remains due to the Agency Si Belle. In the absence of cancellation, late payment will attract interest at three times the minimum interest rate set by the French administration until such time as payment is received.

The Agency Si Belle cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience to the Guest caused by third parties. For example, the Agency Si Belle cannot be held liable in the event of temporary interruptions to the water supply and/or energy supplies, problems with saunas, pools or heating systems, etc. Neither can we be responsible for any modification in the road layout, access routes, nor for shops or businesses moving premises or closing down.
If any responsibility can be attributed to the Agency Si Belle, it will be limited to direct liability with the exclusion of any indirect liability. In such an event, the liability of the Agency Si Belle will be limited to the rental amount.

The Agency Si Belle can terminate the booking contract without compensation in the following cases:
a) If no action is taken with 48 hours of a summons being sent by recorded delivery, the Client will be found to be in breach of the obligations set out in these conditions or in the booking contract;
b) If the Guest does not respect the rented property or its environment, including levels of sound, during their stay in the property, even when warned by the owner or keyholder.
The Agency Si Belle can demand immediate termination of this contract and the Guest must vacate the rented premises upon ruling by the Juge des référés.
The contract can also be terminated in the case of 'force majeure' events such as natural disasters, oil slicks, ecological disasters, nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, war, terrorist attacks, or in the event of destruction of the property.

Conforming to the French law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978, the Guest has the right to access, amend or object to data held, by contacting the Agency Si Belle by email via the contact page of the Agency's website or by post addressed to the following address: Agence Si Belle, 5 Hent Meneyer, 29 950 Gouesnac'h, France.

None of the parties can transfer his rights or obligations to a third party.

In the event that certain stipulations of the booking contract and of these booking conditions prove to be null, the other conditions will remain in force.

These booking conditions are subject to French law. Any litigation resulting from these booking conditions will be under the jurisdiction of the French law courts.